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Biography of Joseph Adelizzi

I have been in practice since 1984 and work with both parties to arrive at a fair settlement. I have trained with Coast to Coast Mediation and am certified as a mediator. I have been a Judge Pro Tem for the Superior Court since 1987 and am appointed to sit on the Superior Court Settlement Conference Panel as a Judge Pro Tem. I have conducted numerous meditations to conclusion and have had to deal with a variety of problems.

I have been helping people solve their legal problems since 1984, and have represented some of the largest insurance companies such AIG Insurance, Farmer’s Insurance, CNA Insurance and Traveler’s Insurance in litigation matters. I have experience in conducting Court and jury trials in a variety of matters, including business, contracts, real estate, employment and family law matters.

I am a neutral Mediator. I will inform you of the practical application of the law to your situation, so that you will generate creative solutions you and your family can live with.

I now offer the benefit of this litigation experience in helping people mediate their legal problems, including Divorce and Family law matters. The expense and emotional strain associated with a typical contested divorce action can be greatly reduced through mediation. We hold our Client’s confidentiality in the highest regard, and most importantly in mediation the solution is up to the Client and not a judge.

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