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What are the costs?

DIVORCE MEDIATION provides a WIN-WIN result not possible through litigation. DIVORCE MEDIATION protects you and your children from the negative impact of Divorce. Litigation is not predictable and should be the choice of last resort. DIVORCE MEDIATION is the logical alternative to the bitterness and fighting involved in the adversarial battleground of the divorce process.

DIVORCE MEDIATION is low cost, saves time and reduces emotional strain experienced in litigation. DIVORCE MEDIATION is the financially sound means to resolve large estates, because all information is kept confidential by law. DIVORCE MEDIATION is private, informal and results in a speedy resolution.

DIVORCE MEDIATION encourages both parties to focus on the issues, rather than rehash past conduct. DIVORCE MEDIATION is a cooperative, problem solving process, a collaborative process rather than an adversarial process driven by the need to prevail.

DIVORCE MEDIATION will resolve your issues of custody, support, visitation, and property settlement without wasting everything you have worked for in contentious litigation. In the end of mediation, the parties are divorced, just as the couple who emotionally battled it out in Court. Who do you think is better off?

For Divorce Mediation:

$400.00 per/hour for the mediation sessions.

$3,500.00 for preparation and processing of all legal forms and for the drafting and revision of the Marital Settlement Agreement.

For Civil Mediation:

$350.00 per/hour split equally between the parties.

$300.00 Non-refundable administration fee per party.

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