Divorce Mediation

Why mediate a divorce?

Mediation is the prudent, cost-effective solution to divorce. San Diego divorce mediator Joseph Adelizzi can help you keep your personal affairs amicable and private during this trying time.

The goal of mediation is to reach a mutually acceptable marital settlement and take all other steps necessary to accomplish the dissolution of a marriage. By seeking an amicable solution, mediation greatly reduces the emotional and financial strain that divorce can put on families.

Divorce actions often degenerate into all-out conflict. It does no good for one spouse to offer to divide property equally and provide ample support if the other spouse's objective is to destroy. In a mediated divorce, it is essential that both parties share all pertinent information so that all issues relative to the divorce can be negotiated in good faith. Otherwise, in litigation, whatever money or property you have accumulated during your marriage will probably be consumed entirely by your lawyers because of the high cost of the litigation process.

Mediation also provides a great deal of privacy. In court, it is common for 40-50 cases to be on calendar any given morning. When your case is heard, there are 40-50 other couples listening to your private affairs as they're revealed in an open courtroom. Do you really want strangers to know important personal information such as what assets you have, where you live, when you visit your kids, how much you pay in support, and how much you earn?

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