Biography of Joseph Adelizzi

Joseph Adelizzi

My divorce mediation services are a direct response to the excessive costs and ordeal most clients endure in the traditional divorce scenario in court.

Everything accumulated by a family can be consumed in the divorce process. Because there is no insurance policy to cover the legal expense, no business that has a budget for litigation expenses, and no government help, the community estate must bear the costs for both sides. Needless to say, a typical contested divorce can easily exceed $100,000—and what does a family have to show for it? You can't blame clients for being bitter at each other, at the system, and at their attorneys by the end.

Divorce affects people at every level: emotionally, financially, and spiritually. While even a run-of-the-mill divorce can devolve into civil war, it can become akin to nuclear war when children are involved, poisoned by their parents' vitriol. When kids see how their parents react and relate to each other in divorce proceedings, it affects how those children handle their own future relationships. It is crucial for parents going through a divorce to take the high road and handle themselves in a manner they would like their children to emulate. Someday, after your children graduate college, get married, and have kids of their own, you and your former spouse will still be part of their lives—and you will have to interact with each other. So why not make it amicable? This is the philosophy I bring to the table in a mediated divorce.

In a contested divorce, the adversary process of the courtroom means that each party is pitted against the other. In a mediated divorce, however, I encourage the parties to focus on the problem, approaching a resolution together instead of against one other—whether that problem is child custody, child support, spousal support, or property division.

I have handled meditation for doctors, nurses, lawyers, many small business people, top level executives, police officers, firefighters, teachers, and active or retired military, including FBI and secret service agents. As Hollywood celebrities know, mediation keeps your personal affairs private so you can resolve them without public scrutiny or spectacle.